Today, Justice Roberts joined the majority, upholding the key elements of ObamaCare.  I view this decision as the best possible outcome for business and individuals in a democracy.

While I have not yet had a chance to read the entire 90-page decision,  I do know that Chief Justice Roberts summarized by saying that Congress, the Senate and the President are the divisions of governent that write the rules of law.   The court does not write the rules nor do they act on the wisdom of rules.

This decision clearly shows that the federal government is allowed to tax you if you don’t have health insurance.   Do you want that?

The decision says that the governent may tax businesses who don’t provide insurance to employees.

The deciion shows that the Federal government may not push unfunded mandates on States.

The decision shows that we the people are responsible for electing officials and that the court will not act to override legal rules of law, as foolish as they may be.

A victory for the Congress we elected.  A victory for President Obama.   A rallying cry for those opposed that if you want change, and if you want to amend the law that will cost so many, so much, you need to vote.

Bottom Line:  We the people decide, and that is a victory for all.   Celebrate July 4th with an appreciation for the rights that we the people possess.