MrHealthInsurance was created with the idea that a better informed consumer is good for the industry and good for us. While we are an insurance agency, our goal here is to inform you, not sell you.

Learn about MrHealthInsurance and who we serve.

We offer information and advisory services to businesses with 2-250 employees with a specialty in the 20-100 employee market in 26 states. Our business clients get top service, enrollment services, compliant documents for employees, access to HR libraries and Cobra or mini-cobra assistance or processing. We also represent individuals and seniors with personalized guidance at no cost. We work with the top carriers in every market.

For more about MrHealthInsurance, check out the rest of our website for more helpful health insurance information, or contact a member of our team to learn more about available options. As long as you have MrHealthInsurance by your side, you will be fully prepared to make the best coverage decision for you and your family.

We are 100 percent for it. Unfortunately, we find the internet to be full of self-serving advice that offers only sales-biased advice and guidance. Whatever they are selling is the best.  We are different.  If you end up wanting to do business with us, well, we believe that’s a smart move.  However, our objective  is to inform you on how to buy health insurance.  In the process you’ll save the most on your healthcare costs.

Today’s constantly changing health insurance landscape is confusing.  Surveys show that more than half of Americans don’t understand basic healthcare and insurance, which affects their ability to make good decisions about coverage.  As industry experts, we feel it is important to inform the public about what is going on in the industry, and what obstacles are in the way of you saving money on healthcare and health insurance.

You can go anywhere for a quote. We have an informed customer base of over 1500 clients.  We have become known as the place where consumers go for answers to their insurance questions, not just for quotes. Our on-site benefit consultants have an average of 20 years of licensed health and benefit experience and training. We consider ourselves to be the Nordstroms of insurance agencies because we are old school in our ways – we provide personal service and believe better information leads to better coverage and real value. And, our expert guidance is free.