Land of Lincoln update # 4 –July 19, 2016- SHUTDOWN DATE ANNOUNCED

From the Desks of Castle Group Health Inc. –Jeff Greenberg, Mark Zisook, Brent Caldwell (retired) & Mark Gurda


Land of Lincoln benefit plans will cease as of October 1, 2016.

An advanced open enrollment period will exist from August 2, 2016 until September 30, 2016 allowing Land of Lincoln insured members to enroll in new coverage as of October 1, 2016 with no gap in coverage.

You can find the Land of Lincoln announcement at

What you need to do and what you can expect from us:
  • -If you already have a account, please verify that your user name and password works.
  • -If you do not have a account, see attached instruction sheet PDF. You do not need to go farther than this sheet at this time.
  • -You should not try to enroll for coverage prior to August 2nd for an October 1 effective date. We suggest doing a shared screen environment with one of the agents at Castle Group to help you pick the best plan for you for the balance of 2016. We suggest making an appointment with your agent during the month of August.
  • -Your claims and benefits are guaranteed by the Illinois Health Guaranty Association. You should continue to make timely premium payments for July, August and September premiums. If your Land of Lincoln plan terminates for Non-Payment, you will NOT be eligible for a special enrollment period.

-Members can continue to see providers and receive coverage for both medical and pharmacy needs. If you have problems with providers not honoring your insurance, contact the Office of Consumer Health Insurance at 1(877)527-9431, or submit a written complaint at

Our Agent ID’s:

Jeff Greenberg ID: Jeffgr30: NPN #1919871

Mark Gurda: ID Castlegroup: NPN #1486813

Mark Zisook; ID Zizkid: NPN #52549

Brent Caldwell (retired) – to avoid changing in 2017, please use one of the agent’s ID’s above.

OVERVIEW of the carriers offering coverage in the Chicago Area on Exchange:

Aetna – On Exchange – HMO’s, off exchange PPO, Comments – Off Exchange went to paper applications only and the process can be burdensome. The HMO does include North Shore System, but not Northwestern. The PPO does include both. PPO done only off exchange, no subsidy and paper application only.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of IL – PPO (Blue Choice Only) Two HMOs – Advocate Direct or Blue Precision. The Blue Choice PPO is a limited PPO network. Many left Blue Cross in 2016 due to their dropping of the full PPO. Northwestern, Rush and North Shore are not in the small PPO network. The Advocate HMO is a no PCP, no referral HMO. See any Advocate facility in an open HMO environment.

CoventryIllinois PPO only – Although expensive, includes Northwestern and North Shore Systems in PPO. Everything out of State is out of network. That can make it difficult. High price.

Harken Health – COOK COUNTY ONLY – This is an excellent choice from a carrier that will be here in 2017 although Harken will become an HMO in 2017. For those that can get Harken in 2016, we believe that those wanting full access to all the major, local systems, with the United Healthcare Open Access PPO network on a National basis, this is your choice. All plans are 100% after deductible, include an Rx card and $0 copay care at any Harken Center. All other expenses are subject to deductible.

Humana – HMO – We don’t find a reason to do Humana in any area. They are always, at least, a second choice.

United Healthcare – HMO – United Healthcare HMO offers a competitive HMO, but we find that there is no reason to choose United Healthcare. UHC has already said that they will not be back in 2017 as they pull out of Obamacare at the end of this year. Like Humana, no reason to choose them.

For assistance contact:

Mark H. Gurda President- Castle Group Health Inc.

Tel: 847-559-8100

Mark Gurda x 1201

Mark Zisook x 1202

Jeff Greenberg x1206

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