As we head into election season, do not underestimate the politicians severe deficiencies in understanding the complexities of healthcare, the government and health insurance.

Yes, I have a bias too, but that bias comes with over 30 years of focus on healthcare policy and information flow. As in science, all ‘actions’ have ‘reactions’. We have tremendous forces, by size, that want to try and get a larger piece of healthcare. This includes insurance companies, medical companies, social organizations, as well as local, State and the Federal Government.

Repeal of “Obamacare” should never happen. Repeal of the ACA, the Affordable Care Act, should.

The word OBAMACARE has become synonymous with two things.

  1. Subsidies for lower income individuals who need assistance in buying insurance, and
  2. A base standard policy with coverage for pre-existing conditions.

While the ‘Affordable Care Act’ is a weapon of reporting, taxes, fees and monumental rules for companies with more than 50 employees and Federal baiting of States to go down a path that is not sustainable by cutting funding.

The Trump administration has not proposed any reasonable alternative to the ACA, nor have they proposed a gutting of the two issues that matter most to Americans (mentioned above).  Allowing sharing plans or longer periods for Short Term health insurance is not a gutting.   The Democrats who have proposed Medicare-for-all as a catchy slogan would cost trillions more and lower the standard of Medicare.  It’s not only not reasonable, it’s not feasible.  The Democrats have proposed no fix to the ACA’s real shortcomings.

I am an advocate for healthcare, not an advocate for health Insurance.

My advice for my customers is to pay attention to the content not the hyperbole.  With the election ads about to start, be sure you have your filters on as the propaganda and fear mongering about your healthcare begin.