It's almost Open Enrollment which means now is the time when every person should take a look at his or her health insurance coverage and find out where changes and upgrades can be made. While it might be tempting to just stick with the plan that you already have, it never hurts to see what other options are available.

Here are a few tips for purchasing health insurance during Open Enrollment:

  • Determine any cost increases: You will need to take a look at your current plan and see if there are any projected cost increases for the next year. You can do so by checking the prices associated with your deductible, your co-insurance and the out-of-pocket maximum that you pay each year before the insurance has kicked in.
  • Figure out what is going to change: If there are going to be any substantial changes to your plan, that is something you will want to know before committing to it for another entire year. Having this conversation with your employer, or by looking on the federal health care website, can get you the information that you need.
  • Talk about any wellness programs: More and more employers are rolling out wellness programs, which many employees might not even be aware of. If you are looking to keep your medical costs low while staying healthy, find out if there are any exercise programs offered through the company where you work.

Whether you choose to go the home health care route or visit a local physician, be sure to check back here again for more health insurance help and information. Contact a member of our team to learn more about available options.