July 2nd, 2013 -Bulletin

The White House announced today that the Employer Mandate to provide health insurance to its employees has been postponed until 2015.    

The delay of the employer mandate and it’s revenues is sure to cause other delays.   The delay is significant both economically and politically and puts the issue back on the mid-year elections table for 2014. 

With the individual exchanges months behind, the individual mandate and accompanying insurance requirements that go along with it could possibly be postponed as well.  Where the line in the sand will be drawn by proponents of the legislation is not clear at all.   

Look for the major insurers who have invested heavily in the promised new customers to try and join with the administration to pull this back together.  Also look for States who have been teetering on being compliant with the Medicaid law changes to be re-energized to back away again from implementation, putting the entire bill in jeopardy.  

Mark Gurda
Castle Group Health
Northbrook, IL