Who isMrHealthInsurance?

MrHealthInsurance is a well versed industry expert in not only how health insurance works, but what goes on behind the scenes.  Choosing a health plan is no easy task, and with all the misinformation being given to consumers, it makes the decision even more daunting. MrHealthInsurance is here to help!  If you have a question about your health coverage MrHealthInsurance has the answer!

WhatDo I Need to Know

If you don’t know the rules, or the game, you stand very little chance of being successful. Whether you are selecting a plan at work, or purchasing one on your own, sifting through health insurance plans can be very intimidating.  Often the terminology is unfamiliar, confusing, and the stakes are always high. Hope is not an insurance strategy.  MrHealthInsurance is here to help you make the right decisions for you and your family.

HowCan I Take Control of My Healthcare

You can sift through pages of information. You can ask your friends for advice. But when making a decision about something as important as health insurance, why not seek the advice of an expert? For decisions that impact the protection of your family, Software as a substitute for service is a really bad idea.  Get informed!